Poetry Project

L.I. I can create a variety of poems following specific forms using poetic devices.

What I learned I learned how to write all 8 poems: found, sensory, character, haiku, ode, free verse, concrete and biography I enjoyed the character the best because you can make it funny or sad. I also learned how to insert poetic devices into my poems for example I used onomatopoeia in the beginning of my character poem.

L.I. is the same for all poems


L.I. - I can create a poem using a specific form and variety of strategies.

What I enjoyed - I enjoyed picking out the words an finding a poem within them.

poetic devices presentation

L.I.-I can demonstrate my understanding of a variety of poetic devices.

What I learned: Iearned that you can find poetic devices anywhere.

 I can use the poetic device of alliteration to make meaning in my writing.
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Do you enjoy fall?  I sure do. Why? Is it because of the start of a sport that you love or is there another reason?. You’ll see why I love fall in this piece of writing.

The start of soccer season,yeah, my favourite sport. I love getting wet on Saturdays that’s because those are my game days.“Crunch” “crunch”, stomping leaves with my cleats on the soccer field.

I also love going to Tim Hortons before my brother’s hockey game for some hot chocolate to keep my guts warm While sitting on the the bleachers that feels as if I was sitting on an ice cube.

Fall is changing up my bedtime to make it so that it is earlier and waking up earlier and not being able to sleep in because of school.

Fall is gathering all my winter clothes like jackets mittens and a tuque if I have to so I don’t freeze to death or turn into an ice cube.

It is also talking with my friends or parents and seeing our breath like the steam from my hot chocolate with marshmallows that look like the fluffy clouds in the sky.Being inside a cloud (fog) as if I was in a ginormous steam room.

Fall is also another time to Rent movies on a wet and cold afternoon when it’s to cold outside and  a time to bundle up in a blanket with my brothers while starring at the TV as my bones shiver from the cold.

the scent of all types of delicious foods running threw my nose. the smell of delicious turkey cooking in the monstoruspan.

the trees naked without any leaves that have filled up all over the field and that is how my fall apprears to come.

By:Noob Tuber

Learning Intention: I can create a personal piece of writing that uses descriptive language to paint a portrait, starts with a strong leads and focuses on one main idea. Also, add what you learned comment.

What I Learned: I learned how to fix a run on sentence.

My favorite quote that relates to me and how I love sports.

Learning Intention:
I can create a poem that follows a specific form and uses descriptive language to describe who I am.

I learned that a thesaurus is more helpful than I thought In my rough draft I had 1 descriptive word and and in my final copy I had about 3 or 4 I learned a lot about how descriptive words are important.