Dear grade 6’s

To have the year of your life you will need to follow these simple steps. Make sure you complete your homework because not only will you not learn but you will get a tally. In grade 7 you will use the tally system. If you get five tallies you can’t go on some fieldtrips (the fun ones). If you forget your homework at school it’s no big deal all you have to do is come early to school the next morning and finish it before the bell goes and you won’t get a tally. The key to success is finish your homework trust me I didn’t do my homework at the beginning of the year and I totally regret that because I fell behind. Listen in class make sure you listen and pay attention to what she’s saying. Be a role model for the grade 6’s yes you will be the rulers of the school but you have to be a good role model. Lets say the teacher has to get something and you start goofing off you will get in dep crap so don’t. If you follow these simple steps you will have success in grade 7.

“To This Day”

Recently we watched an inspiring video “To This Day” by
Canadian poet Shane Koyczan about bullying. There were so many
powerful messages but one that stuck with me was “If you can’t find
anything beautiful about yourself, get a better, mirror, look a little
closer, stare a little longer.”

I connected to this because I have seen this happen to someone
and I told the bully to stop so they did and he never got bullied again.
This is huge because it’s really important that we stop it from
happening or tell someone because if you’ve seen the video it said that
he knew someone who tried to kill himself in grade ten.

I think the message that he tried to get across was that bullying is
really bad and it’s happening all over the world. You need to believe in
yourself and don’t think that everyday is terrible.

What Shane taught me is to never get down on yourself but
always keep your head up high and don’t lose motivation. I also learned
to not be a bully because karma will get back at you.

Christmas of 2012. On Christmas eve when all the presents were under the tree I knew what my present was just by the look of it plus the fact that my brother asked me would you like a Ps Vita so that gave me a hint that maybe i’m getting a Ps Vita. On Christmas day my brothers and me all woke up and went down stairs. we have a rule where we are only allowed to open our stockings until our parents wake up but this year my brothers opened them before my dad woke up but I didn’t. This was a wonderful Christmas.

On December 7 2012 all the 6/7 grade classes went to castle fun park except if you got five talIlies (if you dont do you're homework or you miss behave in class you get a tallie) but lucky enough I had four tallies so I got to go. Once we got there we had to wait for all the teachers in a big room cause their was over a hundred students there . When the teachers arrived we went over some rules and got our cards which.had six dollars on it and a free game of mini golf or a go-kart race. I went straight to the arcade games cause the go-kart weren't open till eleven and it was 10:30 and everyone was going to go straight go them once they ord pened so it would be packed and have a huge lineup. I thought we had a free game of mini golf and a free go-kart race so I went to the mini golf after a few arcade games. Next I played a couple arcade games. Then I went outside and went to the go-karts for a little race. It was raining so the track was slippery so I drifted lots on the second or third lap one of my friends spun me out and I was in third place so everybody lapped me and I was in like last but I was to good and ended up coming sixth place. That concludes my trip to castle fun park I recommend you check it out.

A couple years ago me and my friend decided to throw rocks at one of my dad’s friends trailer while they were making a room in our garage or my brother. There was a gravel path and we decided to chuck rocks at his trailer. After he came out to get something we ran away then we started again. Once they were done I ran home and got in so much trouble. Then I got grounded for at least 2 weeks so I wasn’t aloud to play video games, watch tv or go outside. I’m pretty sure the same thing happend to my friend. His trailer was a mess it had dents and scratches all over it. That was a horrible decision.

November 25 the 100th Grey Cup. What is the grey cup? The grey cup is the big trophy for the Cfl. Cfl stands for Canadian Football League. This was the 100th Grey Cup and B.C. lost to Calgary Stampeders which is not that great of a team and B.C. was #1 at the end of the regular season and Calgary was second or third out of four teams in their division and their is only eight teams in the whole Cfl and only two divisions but next year Ottawa is coming back. In the 100th Grey Cup was the Toronto Argonauts vs Calgary Stampeders. I missed the first eleven to twelve.minutes of the game but we got back with nine minutes left in the first quarter and it was 0-0 but at the end of the first quarter the Argonauts started to up their game and started pounding the Stampeders and scored a touchdown and by halftime it was 24-3 but then it was Calgary’s turn and they got 2 field goals and a safety so it was 24-11. Next the Argos scored a touchdown so it was 31-11 but then the Stamps scored a touchdown. The ending score was 35-22 and the historical 100th Grey Cup was won by the Toronto Argonauts.




My favourite time of the year is Winter because I am a big fan of snow. I Iove to have snowball fights and sledding down a steep hill and crashing face first into the snow. Another reason I like winter is because me and my brother always see who can last the longest outside in shorts and a t-shirt but I forgot who won last year. I guess we’ll see who will win this year. The best reason why I love Winter is because of SKIING I love being at the top of a mountain and looking down and “whoosh” off I go the cool breeze screaching to my ears and suddenly I come to a stop and I'm at the chair lift and off I go again. That's why my favourite season Is Winter.

Remembrance Day is so important. Why because we recognize the people that fought to keep our country safe and also died for us in world war 1. some symbols of Remembrance Day are the Poppy and the Crane we wear the Poppy on Remembrance Day because after the soilders were buried Poppies started to grow all over Flanders Fields so we wear the Poppy to remember those who died so we could live today. The Crane is also a symbol of Remembrance Day because of the nuclear bomb that was drop on Japan and there was a girl named Sadako that was just two when it dropped and she got cancer and she believed a saying that if you fold a thousand paper cranes you will survive your sickness so she started to fold paper cranes she died at 644 but her friends completed the thousand after she died and thats why the crane is a symbol of Remembrance Day. We celebrate this day on November 11 because that was the day the Armistice was signed. Lest we forget.

“Wake up wake up its time for school”. “I don’t have school remember” “oh ya”. I bet you’re wondering why I don’t have school it’s because I am christian and as christians we don’t celebrate Halloween. So me and my brother went to my grandmas for the day until my dad got off work. Then my family went to the movie house we had a vote to see Hotel Transylvania or Frankenweenie the vote was won by Hotel Transylvania. Part of because Frankenweenie got knocked out was because the fact that it was black and white so my brother didn’t want to see it. We enjoyed Hotel Transylvania so that was good. It had some pretty funny parts but it wasn’t anything too special but we all liked it so thats good.

“He shoots he scores”. My Soccer team is one of the best teams this year. We haven’t lost but on October 20 we had a game and we won by 1. The score was 2-1 it came close. At the end one of our players might of handballed it in the box. I couldn’t see it and the ref didn’t call it so it wasn’t a handball. The person on my team who might of handballed it said he didn’t handball it but i don’t know. We can out with the big W (win) but since we let our first goal in and didn’t score many goals the team that was in 2nd is now first because they scored 12 on the same day. Unfortunately their ahead of us. The thing is we were expected to own them. But we were missing our best defenceman and one of our forwards so we had to put one of our forwards on defence. He did good but we could have killed them if we had our defenceman and our forward. October 27th we play the last place team and we are going to score and score and score so we can be ahead of the other team to get first back. We are going to win the cup!