On December 7 2012 all the 6/7 grade classes went to castle fun park except if you got five talIlies (if you dont do you're homework or you miss behave in class you get a tallie) but lucky enough I had four tallies so I got to go. Once we got there we had to wait for all the teachers in a big room cause their was over a hundred students there . When the teachers arrived we went over some rules and got our cards which.had six dollars on it and a free game of mini golf or a go-kart race. I went straight to the arcade games cause the go-kart weren't open till eleven and it was 10:30 and everyone was going to go straight go them once they ord pened so it would be packed and have a huge lineup. I thought we had a free game of mini golf and a free go-kart race so I went to the mini golf after a few arcade games. Next I played a couple arcade games. Then I went outside and went to the go-karts for a little race. It was raining so the track was slippery so I drifted lots on the second or third lap one of my friends spun me out and I was in third place so everybody lapped me and I was in like last but I was to good and ended up coming sixth place. That concludes my trip to castle fun park I recommend you check it out.


Mrs. Middleton
12/13/2012 9:40am

I am so glad that you were able to join us for the day at CFP. It is always one of my favorite trips. The go-carts are such fun. I always come in last with my kids and husband as they are so much more aggressive than I am. Mini golf is actually my favorite part of going to CFP especially in the summer when you get to play outside.


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