October,3,2012 each student at our school designed a kite I put a scooter on mine. October,4,2012 we had a girl and a guy come to our school. they helped us make our kites. The very first thing you have to do is insert 2 wooden sticks threw the four holes in the kite and tape the ends of the sticks to the end of the kite. After that you have to put tape on the 2 corners of the kite. Next pull the piece of string off your handle and put the ends of the string on to each piece of tape and fold the tape over onto the kite. But you have to leave enough string left to tie it together. About 4 inches on each side.following that you need to tie each side 3 times. after you need to fold your kite and pull the string make a loop knot so you have a loop at the end of your knot. Its the same knot as a balloon once your done that you need to tie the tip of your handles string to the loop 3 times and next FLY!


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