Dear grade 6’s

To have the year of your life you will need to follow these simple steps. Make sure you complete your homework because not only will you not learn but you will get a tally. In grade 7 you will use the tally system. If you get five tallies you can’t go on some fieldtrips (the fun ones). If you forget your homework at school it’s no big deal all you have to do is come early to school the next morning and finish it before the bell goes and you won’t get a tally. The key to success is finish your homework trust me I didn’t do my homework at the beginning of the year and I totally regret that because I fell behind. Listen in class make sure you listen and pay attention to what she’s saying. Be a role model for the grade 6’s yes you will be the rulers of the school but you have to be a good role model. Lets say the teacher has to get something and you start goofing off you will get in dep crap so don’t. If you follow these simple steps you will have success in grade 7.


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