Remembrance Day is so important. Why because we recognize the people that fought to keep our country safe and also died for us in world war 1. some symbols of Remembrance Day are the Poppy and the Crane we wear the Poppy on Remembrance Day because after the soilders were buried Poppies started to grow all over Flanders Fields so we wear the Poppy to remember those who died so we could live today. The Crane is also a symbol of Remembrance Day because of the nuclear bomb that was drop on Japan and there was a girl named Sadako that was just two when it dropped and she got cancer and she believed a saying that if you fold a thousand paper cranes you will survive your sickness so she started to fold paper cranes she died at 644 but her friends completed the thousand after she died and thats why the crane is a symbol of Remembrance Day. We celebrate this day on November 11 because that was the day the Armistice was signed. Lest we forget.


Mrs. Middleton
11/13/2012 6:18am

Thank you for writing a journal about Remembrance Day this week; it shows that you realize how important a day it is for all of us. Even though the big wars were many years ago, we always need to remember those that fought, and those that are still fighting to help us live the life of freedom that we do.

11/13/2012 5:44pm

I liked the way you wrote it because I could hear your voice and it was a very descriptive piece. It is very sad that the war even started with all those lives gone over something that wasn't accomplished in the end. Germans got greedy and took over part of Fance, Poland and tried Russia and was just pushed back to were they started. I'm not even sure if it's worth it afterwards no matter win or loose. The girl Sadako whos city that got bomed on did not die with out a purpose and didn't give up to try and fight it. She die with a purpose of inspiring us and saying not to give up and if you try you can sucseed with anything. I hope we wont live through another World War or even have one in the future.


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