A couple years ago me and my friend decided to throw rocks at one of my dad’s friends trailer while they were making a room in our garage or my brother. There was a gravel path and we decided to chuck rocks at his trailer. After he came out to get something we ran away then we started again. Once they were done I ran home and got in so much trouble. Then I got grounded for at least 2 weeks so I wasn’t aloud to play video games, watch tv or go outside. I’m pretty sure the same thing happend to my friend. His trailer was a mess it had dents and scratches all over it. That was a horrible decision.


Mrs. Middleton
12/04/2012 6:19am

I know that if we don't make some poor choices as we grow up then we wouldn't learn the lessons needed to be responsible adults.
I, too, had a similar incident when I was younger but it involved apples. Boy, did my brothers and I learn from that episode. I have a feeling that you will never do anything like that again :)

12/04/2012 3:27pm

I really connect to this because of one time when my sister and I were throwing rocks into a river. My sister was behind me so once she threw a rock and it hit me in the head! It hurt really bad!!! But anyways I really liked your post Noob Tuber. :)

katniss everdeen
12/04/2012 8:24pm

WOW that"s sounds like you got in BIG trouble with you friend I hope that ever thing worked out.did you have to repaint the trailer?


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