November 25 the 100th Grey Cup. What is the grey cup? The grey cup is the big trophy for the Cfl. Cfl stands for Canadian Football League. This was the 100th Grey Cup and B.C. lost to Calgary Stampeders which is not that great of a team and B.C. was #1 at the end of the regular season and Calgary was second or third out of four teams in their division and their is only eight teams in the whole Cfl and only two divisions but next year Ottawa is coming back. In the 100th Grey Cup was the Toronto Argonauts vs Calgary Stampeders. I missed the first eleven to twelve.minutes of the game but we got back with nine minutes left in the first quarter and it was 0-0 but at the end of the first quarter the Argonauts started to up their game and started pounding the Stampeders and scored a touchdown and by halftime it was 24-3 but then it was Calgary’s turn and they got 2 field goals and a safety so it was 24-11. Next the Argos scored a touchdown so it was 31-11 but then the Stamps scored a touchdown. The ending score was 35-22 and the historical 100th Grey Cup was won by the Toronto Argonauts.


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