Hey there! I am Noob Tuber and I'm very excited when I heard the news that we were connecting around the world and It was Romania. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself then I will ask you some questions. Lets kick this off I am 12 years old, and live in Surrey B.C. Canada I have 3 brothers and 2pet snakes. I love playing Soccer and Tennis I like Soccer a bit better but still love both. I know we have a huge time difference but thanks to our technology we can communicate any time were free. Our school has a estimate at about 600 students from grade kindergarten to grade 7 and our class is just 28 of those 600 students which are grade 6 and 7. I was shocked when our teacher said that the town of Sibiu is about 1000 years old.


1.what are your grades in your school?
2.do you have a lot of technology?
3.about how many students are in your school?
4. what is the most popular sport in Romania?
5.has your town been updated since it was founded?
6.do you guys have like a xbox, ps3 or a apple product?

7.do you have to wear a suit to school

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    December 2012