My idea of a hero would be. A big and strong person that could lift up anything in his path he would be incredibly strong. he would also have the ability to run faster than the wind. Another power he would have would be to make anything he wants right on the spot so if he needed a weapon he could make a sword or something else. He would have a 3D display of what’s going on in the world and so he could go help the people in need and capture the evil. He is also a black belt at martial arts so he knows how to attack people if he doesn’t have a weapon at the time. One thing he doesn’t have is armour but with his creation device he could just create a shield around him so he can’t get shot by incoming bullets or a swing of a sword or an arrow or anything that could kill him or injure him this is my perspective of a hero. this man is unstoppable


Cookie Monster
10/29/2012 2:30pm

We have very do deferent perspectives of a hero. For me a hero would be someone who is kind and always helping people around the world. For example, my hero is Craig Keilburger. In my opinion people don't have to be strong for fast they just have to be willing to takes stand and be the person who is fighting for what they believe in. Anyway that is just my opinion. Good job on the website!


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