September,25,2012 was the day I did the Grouse Grind with my school. I woke up extra early so I wasn't late It was a challenge to wake up. When I arrived at school I was excited. But when I started I was a little bit mad. But instead I looked at the positive and said to myself at least I'm getting a incredible workout. 15 minutes and I was only at the quarter mark it was major pain. Another 15 and I was at half. Boy was I ever in pain but  I was with some of my friends and they said  the second half is shorter than the first. But to me it seemed longer cause I was in more pain than the first half when I had approached the finish everybody was cheering me on then when I was finished I was incredibly proud of myself I got a time of 1:05:00 1 hour and 5 minutes after all it was fun.


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