“He shoots he scores”. My Soccer team is one of the best teams this year. We haven’t lost but on October 20 we had a game and we won by 1. The score was 2-1 it came close. At the end one of our players might of handballed it in the box. I couldn’t see it and the ref didn’t call it so it wasn’t a handball. The person on my team who might of handballed it said he didn’t handball it but i don’t know. We can out with the big W (win) but since we let our first goal in and didn’t score many goals the team that was in 2nd is now first because they scored 12 on the same day. Unfortunately their ahead of us. The thing is we were expected to own them. But we were missing our best defenceman and one of our forwards so we had to put one of our forwards on defence. He did good but we could have killed them if we had our defenceman and our forward. October 27th we play the last place team and we are going to score and score and score so we can be ahead of the other team to get first back. We are going to win the cup!


11/05/2012 9:11am

I like how you are very specific. It is kind of like my brothers hockey team. They almost won every game he has only lost 1 game and it was 4-5. How many games have you played?

Noob Tuber
11/17/2012 10:28pm

Im not sure but we are really good and thanks for the comment.


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