“To This Day”

Recently we watched an inspiring video “To This Day” by
Canadian poet Shane Koyczan about bullying. There were so many
powerful messages but one that stuck with me was “If you can’t find
anything beautiful about yourself, get a better, mirror, look a little
closer, stare a little longer.”

I connected to this because I have seen this happen to someone
and I told the bully to stop so they did and he never got bullied again.
This is huge because it’s really important that we stop it from
happening or tell someone because if you’ve seen the video it said that
he knew someone who tried to kill himself in grade ten.

I think the message that he tried to get across was that bullying is
really bad and it’s happening all over the world. You need to believe in
yourself and don’t think that everyday is terrible.

What Shane taught me is to never get down on yourself but
always keep your head up high and don’t lose motivation. I also learned
to not be a bully because karma will get back at you.


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